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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

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30-Day Guarantee

Our promise to you is simple: within 30 days, if you don't love your new purchase, let us know, and we'll help you get a refund.

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Shipping & Handling

All our orders typically arrive within a 5-9 day timeframe.

International orders may take longer.

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Stress-Free and Happy Cats at Home

Help your cat overcome anxiety with our interactive play mat. Witness your kitty become a calmer and happier companion. Say farewell to stress-related behaviors and welcome more purrs and snuggles. Foster a tranquil, happy home for both you and your furry friend.

Protect Your Furniture from Scratches!

Fed up with your cat damaging your furniture? Our play mat keeps your cat occupied and away from your precious items. It promotes healthy scratching habits, preserving your furniture from harm. Enjoy a scratch-free home and a more satisfied kitty!

Enhance Your Cat’s Health and Joy!

Keep your cat fit and happy with our interactive play mat. It offers an ideal way for exercise, lowering the risk of obesity and related health problems. The mental engagement keeps your cat’s mind active and wards off boredom. Delight in seeing your furry friend turn into a happier and more playful companion every day!